Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

At Ty Sign Primary School, we believe that to be able to learn and reach their full potential, children need to be happy, confident, understand themselves, understand their feelings and know how to get on with each other and make friends. To help all the children with this we use a whole-school approach called S.E.A.L. (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) that enables each child to engage in special activities that develop these skills. Each term the whole school will be looking at a particular theme. The theme will start with an assembly and be followed up in class.

Our S.E.A.L. theme this term is…

We will be exploring how children can motivate themselves in their learning. As part of the theme they will be asked to set their own goals, think about how they learn best and consider how they might make wise choices.

We believe that embedding S.E.A.L. in our curriculum will enable your child to develop greater awareness of their own and others feelings; and improve their ability to learn as a result of increasing confidence and self-esteem. It is important that we continue to work in partnership in order for your child to flourish and reach his or her full potential. Please encourage your child to share with you their experiences of S.E.A.L. and discuss with them what they have learnt about their feelings and friendships.