How parents and others can help

We each have a part in educating our children and by working together in partnership, we can make every child’s experience of school a worthwhile and beneficial time for everyone.

  • Support your child in their efforts to learn.
  • Try to keep up to date with all that is happening, as well as any changes.
  • Attend any pre-arranged meetings.
  • Seek advice from teachers when buying books and equipment.
  • Contribute to our understanding of your child, by attending Parents’ evenings, where you have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and school work.

We want you and your child to be happy with us, so please tell us of any problems immediately so that we can resolve them together.

Learning Logs

Make sure your child brings back learning logs and reading books. Any child who has difficulty completing their learning log should discuss this with the class teacher. If a child fails to return their  logs on three consecutive occasions, a letter will be sent home informing the parents.

Learning logs are important as they support work carried out in school.

For any enquiries please call us 

✆ 01633 612813