Digital Learning and Google Apps For Education

Over the past 12 months the staff at Ty Sign Primary has been working hard with ‘Aspire 2Be’ to engage with an online platform called Google Apps for Education. (GAFE) We are now beginning the gradual process of introducing GAFE to pupils across the school with the support of our Digital Competence Team and Digital Leaders and the Aspire 2Be team.

Google Apps for Education will enhance the way we use technology and share information within and beyond our school community. We are now ready to start using Google Apps with all our classes.

Essentially, Google Apps for Education is a cloud based learning platform allowing teachers and students to create and collaborate using a wide variety of cloud based applications provided by Google. This allows us to learn more effectively through the use of technology, and offer a range of new learning opportunities for teachers and students.

Further information about Google Apps for education can be found here.

Facts about Google Apps for Education

Google Apps is used by many of the world’s leading educational institutions, including universities, secondary and primary schools.

  • Google Apps is completely free for schools and does not contain advertising anywhere within it.
  • Many apps such as Google Drive and Gmail are familiar to many students and parents.
  • Google Apps works on any device. This allows our students to continue learning beyond the classroom and gives them the ability to access their content at any time.
  • Pupils and teachers can work in teams, sharing information and collaborating with each other effectively.

What should I be aware of?

  • Your child will be provided with a G-mail address as part of the Google Apps package. Users will only be able to receive and send emails to and from Ty Sign Primary email addresses (unless specifically authorised by the teacher). All student messages can be monitored by teachers.
  • Google Apps for Education terms of service can be read here.

We will be working with our pupils to educate them about using Google Apps in a productive and responsible manner. If you have any queries at any time regarding the adoption of Google Apps, please do not hesitate to contact us them.

Digital Competency

What is Digital Competency?

Digital one of the definitions of which is “involving or relating to the use of computer technology” .

Competencethe “ability to do something successfully or efficiently” or “competence indicates sufficiency of knowledge and skills that enable someone to act in a wide variety of situations

  • Digital Competence is the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes strategies,  that are required when using ICT and digital media to perform tasks; solve problems; communicate; manage information; collaborate; create and share content; and build knowledge effectively.
  • Digital competency will be integrate into all areas of the curriculum from Nursery to Year 6
  • Digital competency will be as important as literacy and numeracy

What are we using at Ty Sign to support Digital Competency?

At Ty Sign we have worked with Aspire 2Be to develop our ICT resources and digital media across the school this has been done by:

  • Updating laptops and ICT resources
  • Purchasing I pads across both Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2
  • Developing a Digital Competence Team
  • Staff and Pupil training
  • Development of Digital Learners
  • Google Accounts for staff and pupils
  • Apps used in literacy lessons to support creative writing

What apps have we used at Ty Sign in 2015/2016?

keynotepuppet edu


How can you support digital competency as parents?

    1. Check out our E-Safety policy
    2. Checks out your child’s class page were you find helpful apps/website to support your child’s learning at home.
    3. Help your child to remember his or her Google account login and password.
    4. Finally enjoy the experience of learning with your child in new way.

Don’t rush out and buy an ipad, nearly all our apps open on Android tablets. Google Drive will open on any laptop, computer etc.