Child Protection

Ty Sign Primary School’s foremost priority is the protection and well being of all pupils in the school. The Headteacher has the overall responsibility for child protection matters and acts as a source of advice and support to other school staff. Our school has a nominated child protection governor, who has to ensure that the school has a child protection policy in place that is consistent with All Wales Child Protection Procedures (2008).  All staff in the school must follow guidance where there are concerns or suspicions of abuse. If we receive information about a child, which suggests that he/she has been abused, we have a duty to refer these concerns to the social services department or the police without delay. We have no discretion in the matter.

Our first concern as a school is your child’s welfare and where we have general concerns, these will be raised with you, because we want to work with you to remedy the situation. However, there may be concerns (as stated above), where we have to speak to other agencies, but we would always endeavour to contact you. Should this be necessary, we want to reassure you that any concerns we have about your child will be fully discussed with you in a way that is consistent with your child’s best interests.

School Health Service

The aim of the School Health Service is to promote the health and well being of the pupils. The Children will undergo vision and hearing tests  during there time at Ty Sign Primary. Parents will not need to be present on these occasions, but will be immediately informed if follow up treatment is necessary.

No Smoking Zone

The Governing Body has adopted a No Smoking Policy on the school premises. Therefore it would be appreciated, if parents would not smoke on the premises.

First Aid

All members of staff have undergone emergency first aid training and a number are qualified first aiders. Medical stations have been set up in both buildings and are manned at break times. Should your child receive attention you will be notified, usually with a note, but also with a telephone call in more serious cases.

For any enquiries please call us 

✆ 01633 612813