We hope parents appreciate that disruptive behaviour not only affects the development of the individual child, but all members of the class. The school procedure for dealing with behavioural problems are set out below:

  1. The problem is initially dealt with by the class teacher, who will try to identify the cause.
  2. Persistent problems, or those thought to be more serious, will be dealt with by the headteacher.
  3. Usually the problem will be solved by the school. However, if it is felt necessary, parents will be contacted and a meeting arranged. The aim of the meeting will be to work together to find the best solution.
  4. In the unusual event of the problem recurring, then other professional help and advice will be sought, after consultation with parents.

Children are also referred to the headteacher for good work and achievement. Praise is given in  both formal and informal ways, which we see as a basis for development of mutual respect between staff and pupils – an essential ingredient for a happy working environment.

If a parent has a complaint about a pupil in school, then they should either speak to the Headteacher or the class teacher, who will deal with the complaint.

On no account may a parent approach a child.

If a parent has a complaint about a teacher, they must initially speak to the Headteacher and matters concerning the school curriculum or policies, should also be taken to the Headteacher.