Our School Rules & Expectations

At Ty Sign Primary School, we aim to provide a happy atmosphere where our children will be nurtured sensitively in a friendly, attractive environment.

We operate an “open door” policy and welcome parents and Governors into the school to work in partnership, so that together we may attain our goals and ideals.

At all times:-

  • Everyone should act with courtesy and consideration to others.
  • Greet everyone and be greeted.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Be prepared to listen and try to understand other peoples’ point of view.
  • Do not insult, humiliate or hurt other peoples feelings by name calling, swearing or using other forms of abuse.
  • Sexism and racism is positively discouraged.
  • Fighting, bullying or any form of physical and aggressive behaviour are not permitted.
  • Keep the school litter-free.

Inside the school

  • Children should enter and leave the buildings sensibly.
  • Walk at all times – do not push or pull others or make too much noise.
  • Look after and do not mistreat school equipment or furniture.
  • Taking other peoples possessions without permission is not permitted.
  • Children should not throw objects.
  • Children should always leave their workplace in a tidy condition.

In the playground

  • Children must play sensibly.
  • Children must understand the needs of others.
  • Aggressive or dangerous games are not permitted.
  • Children must ask permission before leaving the playground.

Outside the school

  • Children are encouraged to remember, that a large part of the school’s reputation depends on their behaviour outside, as well as inside the school.
  • Bad behaviour can cause serious accidents – especially on busy roads.
  • Children must be constantly reminded not to talk to strangers.
  • Incidents that happen outside the school, but cause problems in school, will be dealt with accordingly.

For any enquiries please call us 

✆ 01633 612813